April 1, 2020

Please note that due to the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19, as of March 16th, Kiwanis Nursing Home in Sussex NB is closed to all visitors, volunteers, and family members. "This decision is a measure to protect our Residents. At this time, we have no Residents diagnosed with Covid-19 or influenza. These efforts are in place to minimize potential risks imposed to our Residents health. We sincerely regret the need to proceed with a closure, however, the health and safety of our Residents is our primary concern."

The closure is in accordance with recommendation from the Chief Medical Officer and our acting physician, based on the public health risk and severity of Covid-19 activity. We will reassess the risk to Residents on an ongoing and regular basis to determine if it is prudent to continue the temporary closure. While the closure is in place, the nursing home will not be open to visitors, volunteers, or family members.

We encourage family members to contact Pat or Angela (knhirec@nb.aibn.com or 432-3118 X 111) to arrange window visits with your loved ones. We would like to remind those who do arrange window visits and encourage their loved ones to open the window, to maintain appropriate social distance (minimum 6-feet or 2-meters). If you drop off a treat for your loved one, please ensure that it is something packaged, so it can be wiped down and disinfected.


Kiwanis has dedicated a communication line specific for family members who are calling to inquire about how their loved ones are doing during the closure. If are calling to check up on your loved one, please call 434-4929 from Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am-4pm.


External items being brought for residents and employees:

The general public and family members have been showing their support by dropping items or goodies off for residents and staff to enjoy. We are eternally grateful for all of the wonderful acts demonstrated from our small and connected community, however, effective immediately, we are not able to accept any items coming from outside of the nursing home. Our decision to restrict items coming into the nursing home is in compliance with Public Health and is a measure to reduce the risk of transmission through cross contamination.

Community Fun!

A bear hunt can be a great way to keep your young ones busy during this period of isolation. Here at the Kiwanis, the Residents have placed bears up in their windows to say hello! Drive by and check out how many bears we have just waiting to be found. Let's keep the community busy, while social distancing.

Have fun, and happy social distancing! 😁


Thank you for your continued cooperation, patience, and for helping to keep everyone safe!