Calling all VOLUNTEERS!

Have you considered volunteering as a way of adding meaningful engagement in your life, or to gain experience in a nursing home setting? If so, we are calling on YOU! The staff and residents at the Kiwanis Nursing Home are happy to welcome all volunteers, whether you can come out for a quick visit or you have a little extra quality time to spend, our Residents can benefit from your time and companionship. For more information on volunteering opportunities, please call us at 432-3118 Ext. 121 or email at

Administrator Update

We are happy to announce the the Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Nursing Home have appointed Laura Adair to the Administrator position. When you see Laura, please give her a warm congratulations!!

Christmas Party

Please join us in the Blue Bayou Dining Room to enjoy a delicious snack and live music from Bob Burgess and Friends for the annual Christmas party. The party will take place on December 7th from 1:00pm-3:00pm. To RSVP, please contact Pat Seeley by phone (432-3118 Ext. 111) or by email ( 


We are excited to announce that, starting the week of November 18th, Kiwanis will be embarking on the journey to obtain our Planetree designation. The Planetree Vision encompasses Person-Centered Care and reconnecting Kiwanis personnel to their purpose at the workplace. Planetree representatives will provide coaching, training, and assistance with building on our Person-Centered care strategy.

Remembrance Day

The Remembrance Day Service was hosted by the Canadian Legion on November 6th in the Heritage Room. We thank all of those who were able to come out for the Service and we celebrate all of those who have sacrificed for our freedom. On November 11th, please remember to take a moment of silence for our brave soldiers.


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