A Community-Based Nursing Home Since 1979


For Residents:

  • Each resident will experience the best care possible and the highest quality of life that we can provide.
  • Each resident, and their family, will be treated as part of our nursing home family.
  • Each resident will be kept active, safe and comfortable and will be treated with respect and dignity.

For Staff

  • Each staff member will be qualified and committed to continuing professional growth.
  • Each staff member will function as part of a team with clear responsibilities and accountabilities.
  • Each staff member will receive respect, encouragement and support.

For Our Community

  • Our nursing home is an integral part of our community.
  • We will appreciate and welcome the services of volunteers from our community.
  • We will involve our community in the work that we do.

The Kiwanis Nursing Home is a provincially licensed, community-based 100-bed Nursing Home, located in central Sussex, New Brunswick. The Official Opening of the Kiwanis Nursing Home was conducted on June 1st, 1979, as a result of the hard work and dedication from the Kiwanis Club, the Nursing Home Committee, and the Provisional Board of Directors. Kiwanis is a non-profit corporation, offering Nursing Care and Support Service accommodations for Residents in Sussex and surrounding areas.